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K’s Gourmet Foods in Sanger, TX, offers all the flavor, freshness, and local flair that a soup, salad and sandwiches shop should. We’re a bakery and sandwich shop that uses fresh produce and quality ingredients in all that we create—what we don’t grow ourselves, we buy locally! 

Come in today to get a fresh meal from a local staple. 

Farm to Table

Community-Driven Local Bakery

As soon as you walk into our bakery, you’ll be hit by the smell of freshly baked pies and warm coffee. As you look around, you’ll notice shelves packed with fresh produce and local goods. We’re a restaurant and catering business driven by our community in every aspect; our customers, goods, and staff are all local.

Bring Freshness To The Table

K’s Gourmet Foods takes the farm-to-table notion seriously. Everything in our bakery is either grown by us or sourced locally. When you come into our soup, salad and sandwich shop, you’ll know that local love has gone into each bite or sip you take. 

New Specials Every Week

With all the local goodness we have to choose from, it’s easy to offer new specialties every week. Our bakery offers weekly and daily specials based on the season and the produce we buy. With everything from hearty sandwiches to fresh salads to warm soups, you’ll always find something new with us. 

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Come in for a Fresh Meal Today

While a lot of restaurants claim to use some fresh local ingredients, K’s Gourmet Foods is the epitome of a local farm-to-table spot. Everything, and we mean everything, in our bakery is local. You can either order from our menu, or buy some of the produce we have every single day. 

Call us to hear more about our menu and what we offer.